Privacy Policy

This is a wide spectrum sect to discuss on any particular topic. So let start with the basis of the user’s privacy and policies of product purchase. The product or offers we sell on are completely manufactured under varied companies assemblies. There is a specific eligibility criterion which every product has to fulfill in order to punish on our website. So primary the authenticity of any health product really matters here. Listed below is our product eligibility criteria for endorsement on our website.

Product Endorsement Criteria

Health and fitness offers need to be manufactured under FDA guidelines

Each product should be well tested and clear clinical reviews under FDA grounds

Product information needs to be provided by the manufacturing unit

The review should be done by fitness experts and dieticians on every possible grounds.

After going through such tough eligibility criteria you get posted on our website for online purchase. This helps us to eradicate fake products or clear several doubts about product misconceptions at the very best level. To prevent fraudulent on our website we would allow only certified products or fitness offers.

What do we do with the user’s Information?

Most of the product publishing websites often neglect the importance of valuable user’s information which provides key strengthening aspects of user’s identification remembering their priorities, choices and pivotal health catalogs will help us to figure more about our premium user’s profile. There are several sources of our traffic users through which we can regulate the inflow management to widespread user data.

Personal identification information-We offer health & fitness newsletter solution combining several other great ideas to give better results on desirable action. We simply collect user information after their consent on product purchase. The ongoing traffic users may register their details to get frequent newsletters, products online purchase alarm and user’s manual for product usage. There are widespread methods to access our user information but most commonly we prefer given information related to contact, address, credit card number etc.

Non-personal identification information-The choices or presences you elect while browsing on our website use that method to provide the best available results to suit your shopping presences. We allow our server to management encrypted algorithm to study ongoing traffic users and attract with ideal offers for fitness.

Privacy Disclaimer is being protected under FDA guidelines to publish health & fitness content on the digital platform for purchase. The legal authority needs to study carefully as each product is being subject to purchase. The information shared with our users is primarily protected and legitimate to be considered as a pivotal review of a particular product. The content and product landing pages are subject to copyright so forgery will not be tormented in any form. Any practices violating websites norm and publish criteria would simply a subject to copyright issues.